‘Mind the Time’ is an anthology of poetry to support Football Memories Scotland. It’ s edited by Perth based poet Jim Mackintosh and produced in association with Nutmeg Magazine. The idea is that talking football could be used to help those experiencing memory loss. After a June launch at Hampden Park Glasgow just before Scotland again did ‘glorious failure’ against England the anthology is on the road so to speak for the rest of the year. It will be appearing among other places at Wigtown Book Festival, Tynecastle Park, McDiarmid Park the Dundee Literary Festival and more. And my confession is…I have three short poems included. Here’s one of them : –

GILLIE (April 1964)

Off a quiet Arbroath Road

in a forest of crowded houses,

we sit round a Logie Baird screen,

awed and connected to a Hampden Park

a hundred and odd thousand away,

from five million at home.
Only seat edges are occupied.

Seventy something minutes in Gilzean,

leading man out of Bonnie Dundee,

leaps above the English defence

like a Tay salmon.

One nil and three in a row Auld Enemy.