…Theatre Company are holding auditions for and will premiere ‘O Halflins an Hecklers an Weavers an Weemin’ by er…John Quinn in the lovingly restored High Mill at Verdant Works Scotland’s Jute Museum in Dundee this June. To be precise the dates are 23rd 24th and 25th. That’s two evening performances and a matinee. The show is more than a couple of months away but I’m excited as all self respecting big bairns should be. I’m excited at seeing something I’ve worked long and hard on come to fruition of course but I’m also excited by the opportunity to work with ZeroThreeFifteen.

They’re young graduate actors out of Dundee and Angus College’s excellent Acting and Performance school – where my daughter was a student a few years ago – so we’re talking talent and skills in the craft and boundless energy and ideas. (That’s enough for now – Ed.) And you know ZeroThreeFifteen am was around the time I finished the first draft of the script one morning around a year ago. If you think about it three fifteen am is roughly where the early bird meets the night owl! Maybe some things are meant/written in the stars etc. You pay your money and pick your cliche.

Tickets are now on sale via Verdant Works’s Eventbrite Page or over the counter at the museum shop. Check it out! But whether or not you can manage – Lang Micht Yir Lum Reek as we say in Scots. It’s an idiomatic expression wishing good health on the listener. Literally it means may your chimney continue to smell and it’s an expression used in the play. But as to how it got from one meaning to the other – best not ask!