‘O Halflins an Hecklers an Weavers an Weemin’ by moi (or eh since we’re talking Dundee) will be performed by ZeroThreeFifteen Theatre Co. in the High Mill at Verdant Works Dundee this coming summer. But once the show is over we’ll need to strike the set etc (not difficult since we’re going minimalist) sharpish. The reason? The Great Tapestry of Scotland which played to around ten thousand people over a several week run there last year is set to return shortly afterwards. To sort of quote a spicy mix of General Douglas McArthur and the Governator Arnie Schwarzenegger ‘I shall return and be back!’ And if that qualifies as fake news I shall not retract.

Last time there wasn’t room for the whole Tapestry from the great forests of eight thousand years ago to the present pass whatever the hell that is. This time the plan is to exhibit those parts that didn’t reach us last time. And I further understand that the panel which was pinched in Kirkcaldy last time round has been re-embroidered and replaced for the Verdant Works gig. Therefore if any residents of the Kingdom of Fife ever read this you’ll need to understand me not recusing myself from reaching for a long spoon!

A Free Annual Pass means that one ticket purchased covers as many visits as the purchaser wishes over a twelve month period, one ticket covering entry to both the Tapestry and the Museum. If you are in Dundee over the summer check out these and a cornucopia of other things happening.