Now I have a condition called OCWD or Obsessive Compulsive Writing Disorder. Most commonly this manifests itself in perspiring poetry but I have written a novel – hasn’t everyone – and more recently the play ‘O Halflins an Hecklers an Weavers an Weemin’ which I might just possibly have mentioned on this blog. This is of course on the grounds that it is being ‘premiered’ in the High Mill at Verdant Works Museum this June. (I may have mentioned that detail too). However I’ve just crossed for me a Rubicon of a writing line so to speak in that I’ve been co-writing with my wife Marion writer musician and (That’s enough -Ed!) three er…songs for the play!

I’m sorry I’ll write that again – tone deaf Tony here is writing song lyrics. Though come to think of it Ludo Van B to give him his rap handle wasn’t just tone deaf so there’s inspiration there! Two of the songs are based on poems of mine ‘Mother of All the Peoples’ about Mary Slessor and that £10 note and ‘No Pasaran’ which concerns men from Dundee who fell in the Spanish Civil War while fighting with the International Brigades. The third is a reworking of ‘The Piper O’Dundee’ to become ‘The People O’Dundee’. No copyright issues will be harmed therein!

And even if the musician has to rescue the lyricist on this one so to speak I’m getting a bungee jump level of buzz (fear attached) out of giving it a go. Think I’ll try putting some more words to music after the play. I fancy trying a rap song. After all one of the most famous Dundonians of all – Will T – was the godfather of rap I’m told.