The cliche here is that Boulton and Watt sound like a bog standard firm of dodgy solicitors – or a cliche within a cliche perhaps. But of course they’re not. We’re talking THE James Watt as in Godfather of the Industrial Revolution so to speak with Boulton being the man with the money. And the Boulton and Watt being the name given to the massive beam engine which now has pride of place (That’s enough cliches – Ed!) in the High Mill at Dundee’s Verdant Works Museum. There are only five of these leviathans left in Britain. And unlike most of the other machines in the High Mill at Verdant Works it won’t be wheeled aside to allow ZeroThreeFifteen Theatre Co to perform me play ‘O Halflins an Hecklers..’ there this June.

The Performance Area where the travelling players will strut their stuff without advice from a navel gazing Prince of Denmark was actually large enough to house most of the Great Tapestry of Scotland which is due to return to Verdant in August this year. But before that we’re going to do our show in the round using the ambience acoustics and dimensions of the High Mill. To be honest I’ve had a thing about shows ‘in the round’ since seeing a brilliant production of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ in the Other Place at Stratford some years ago. The show was set in Victorian times among merchant bankers before that term became one of abuse! And this middle aged writer dude(?) managed to persuade the young actors that in the round was a good idea. But there’s also the possibility of using some of the smaller machines as part of a set. Definitely maybe methinks – I see a hard hat and a luminous yellow jacket on the horizon!