Oot thonder we’v a wheen o’ fitba-ers

daein laps o’ honour tae fowk seengin,

tummlin cat ma, an rowtin like kye noo.

But we’re mair like yowes forbye we’v nae gemme,

nae bliddy gemme tae keek at the day.
Ally’s brocht impidence gabs a guid gemme.

Tho takin the cup hame’s guid conceit no?

Dinna ken aboot youse but hae ma doots

that the Argentinians or ithers

are fashin thaimsels aboot the Scots ken?
Hud a gemme here agin Argentina.

Thay’v a wee laddie Maradona wha’s

no sae muckle a diamant in the glaur,

juist a diamant thir no bliddy uisin!

Nae mair cantie Scots faces gin simmer.