Gang wi me lassie?

Aye, no, micht dae lad.

Better thegither?

Thon’s ae opeenion.

Mair siller ye ken.

Is that richt noo mon?

An leeberty tae.

Mair siller meh erse!

Bonnie een ye hiv.

Yir peely-wally.

Bonnie Celtic hair.

Thon’s unco half breeks.

Naethin tae lose lass.

Oot o’ the skillet

micht no be the fire.

Like whar eh bide ken.

Aye whit ye cry it.

Whit dae ye cry it?

Freends the noo mibbe.

Ah richt, ae mair thing.

Whit’s thon noo lassie?

Name mair ill pit on.

Ah richt no a sicht.

The morn’s morn.