Beautiful Road Bridge of the Silvery Tay!

Alas I am very sorry to say

The Royal Arch and the Empress Ballroom they

And indeed the beloved Fifies have been taken away,

The likes of the Abercraig and the BL Nairn

Both of which conveyed many a bairn

With their families across the river to Newport,

Where they might oft times enjoy picnics and sport

Before this August day of nineteen sixty-six

Which some say should be forgotten if I may be prolix.

‘Twas about two in the afternoon oh what a sight!

When the forces of Progress blew with all their might

On Dundee’s Waterfront of ancient renown

And Very Important Persons came pouring into the town.

Though the Lord Provost was not present,

As crowds came round from Whitehall Crescent

And the Demon of Progress did say

I’ll put a Road Bridge across the Tay!

And the final Fifie sailed to the ancient Kingdom of Fife,

Bringing to an end famous ferries with a long long life.

From whence time dignitaries with their finery that they did don

And motor cars and omnibuses sped on

With all their might and beautiful Fife soon hove in sight

And the people’s hearts felt light despite the Fifies’ plight.

For they had been sad to see Queen Victoria’s Royal Arch go

And indeed the Empress Ballroom where met many a jo.

I must now conclude my lay telling the world fearlessly without dismay

That the Road Bridge was built in the wrong place on the Tay!

Further East it should have been many sensible men confesses

And thus Dundee would have kept the Royal Arch are their guesses!