The Dundee Waterfront redevelopment continues apace with the focus on the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of the rising V&A Museum. And it’s easy to forget that one of the most detested architectural carbuncles in the history of the city had to be brought down to make way for all this. Along with thousands I would have happily pressed the plunger given the opportunity! I wrote this poem a few years ago.

North of the river beneath man made mist,

I shake an ex-partner’s pale proffered hand,

and we fall to discussing old complaints,

pedlars of subversive nostalgia.

Ash and dust and life slalom slowly down

from the crass hollow mountain behind us,

white feathers and grey island maps

for people celebrating destruction.

We turn and name the corner pub that was.

It’s a faux bistro now doing its bit,

cafe society railing against

the blasted heath of our Celtic weather.

He recalls we removed our school ties and

had a drink in there before the debate,

poor boys against posh girls we agreed

but won gazing on the blond team captain.

Was the pub not after I question him?

He says it was both before and after

as we leave one sunset for another,

escaping fallout, friending on Facebook.