A wird gin it were wine

that wid be peelie-wallie on the neb

no sonsie wi the smeddum o’

widdershins, hochmagandie

or bahookie.

It bides awa in thon sang

sung muckle times syne

aboot wir ain kenspeckle

Bonnie Dundee,

bluidy Claver’se some wid hae it.

Mind the leid wis spoke no scrieved

gin eh wis a bairn

an eh niver kent aboot Duniewassals.

Forbye ane wheeched oot at me ae day

an eh wis unco fund oot,

meanins spinnin like peeries

in meh heid.

No gonnae let ye scouk awa

like a reiver in the nicht noo.

An ken whut?

Jalouse wiv no seen the last o’ Dundee

an ees bunnets

youse dunniewassals

three thousand times three.