There must be about

fifty in the class

elbow by elbow.

He keeps prodding me

instead of drawing.

Annie’s on my left,

diamond in the glaur,

freckles and ribbons

and five year old smile,

before the MS.

He elbows again.

I punch the bastard.

It’s an uppercut


in execution.

It lands on his nose

and produces blood

a Biblical flow,

white sheet of paper

morphing to Red Sea.

No retribution – 

Sister is busy

in the multitude.

Passed off as just an

everyday nose bleed.

So I kiss Annie 

twice for good measure.

Bird like I peck her.

Sister’s back is turned.

Get away with it.

Annie doesn’t cry.

She keeps on smiling.

I do it again.

This time teacher turns.

I’m in flagrante.

Sister shouts at me

through clouds of chalk dust

which I take to heart.

I grow up and teach

those inner children.