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  The er…likeness of Oor Wullie outside the McManus Galleries Dundee has recently joined what we might call in Scots a “mixtur-maxtur” set of memorials and statues. The statues now consist in a rapid succession of late nineteenth century unveilings of George Kinloch the city’s first MP, James Carmichael Engineer and “inventor” of reverse gear, Rabbie Burns and incongruously perhaps Queen Victoria. Then there is the memorial to the men of Dundee who fell in the Spanish Civil War while fighting Fascism with the International Brigades.
Wullie with typical chutzpah has of course penned a letter to Rabbie. It sits to his right and informs Rabbie that Wullie is not best pleased. The reason? Primrose whose attention Wullie has not been encouraging has read ‘Ae Fond Kiss’ and attempted to bestow one on Wullie. Hence Wullie is priming his peashooter ready  to let Rabbie have what for. He has even left his bucket unattended briefly! The pigeon between the two of them when I visited recently looked as if it didn’t fancy the refereeing job. I don’t know what happens next but it strikes me as a space well worth watching! The boy King of Auchenshoogle versus the Rhinestone Ploughboy perhaps?