I’ve just spent the morning invigilating  the Great Tapestry of Scotland at Verdant Works Museum Dundee. It was busy and it’s not difficult to see why. Writer Alexander McColl Smith, Designer (and Dundee University graduate) Andrew Crummy and journalist and broadcaster James Naughtie are among the brains behind this amazing creation representing Scotland from the forests of eight thousand years ago to the present day. Over a thousand embroidered and artists worked intricately in small groups to put it together. 

The tapestry was of course on display in the Scottish Parliament and has been on tour round the country – with New Lanark Ayr Kirkcaldy and Stirling being among the stops. All the great markers which define Scotland are there – Iona, Dunnichen, Stirling Bridge, Bannockburn, the Reformation, 1707, Culloden, the Clearances, the Irish Famine, Industrialisation the World Wars etc. And that’s without mentioning Music the Arts and Sport (including Archie Gemmill’s goal against Holland in Argentina!)

It’s on display in Verdant Works until Mayday – and a permanent home at the end of the hugely successful Borders Railway is planned. As a bonus I purchased a collection of poems called ‘ The Bedrock’ by Henry Marsh on themes from the tapestry.