As far as is known WS never came to the River Tay.  Though Macbeth historically dodgy or not of references several parts of East and North East Scotland e.g. Fife Forres and Glamis. And Shakespeare despite being so famous was also invisible. With the single exception of a few words as a witness in a court case about a rent dispute none of his own words were ever recorded – only his characters speak. So who knows whether he visited this part of the world or not? Speculation about him is something of a black hole. The following poem on the theme was written after seeing the Chandos Portrait which hangs in the English National Portrait Gallery. It was recently published in South Bank Poetry Magazine. Scholars believe it to be an accurate likeness but….

It circumnavigates the lobe

less celebrated than the. Globe

or that irksome second best bed

seized upon when a will was read.
There’s twenty-two over seven

irrespective Hell or Heaven

or a rounded three point one four

to a Hathaway or a whore.
Is this a badge of alchemy,

mundanely Renaissance yet Fey,

selected by a jackdaw bird

or goose that laid the golden word?
It moots there’s everything within

though smaller than a venial sin

lonely and left but not bereft,

adorning hearing that was deft.
Poacher Arab or Catholic

or Earl of Oxford would you pick

round such gold ornament to wear

teeming democracies of hair?
Whose white collar on black doublet

there once neath band of gold was met?

Whose circle larger than it seems

hangs emblem of whose lustrous reams?