As a multi tasking man I was checking emails over breakfast this morning while simultaneously (well almost) reading the local newspaper headlines. The brilliant news – and I’ve already forgotten which hand it came with – is of course that the City on the Silver River has become the first in Britain to be awarded this prestigious title! The not so good news was that fellow poet Sue Haigh had gently pointed out in an email that when I reblogged her powerful poem ‘Gibbet’ about the village of Gauldry from the Stanza Poetry Map of Scotland I had inadvertently omitted to attribute it. For which my humble apologies Sue! Maybe I’m not quite the multi-tasker after all! But it’s a powerfully emotive piece of work and you can check it out on the Stanza Poetry Map – just look up Gauldry.

However for those of us who currently live work write compose and design in Dundee the city’s latest achievement is not such a surprise and I think the award is well earned. Then again for those of us of a certain generation brought up before cultural regeneration et al putting our native city’s name next to the words UNESCO and City of Design is slightly surreal! Interesting times as Confucius Chairman Mao and various others allegedly said!