The festival kicks off tonight 22nd October and runs until Sunday offering in its own words “stories comics cakes walking music poetry tapestry Eagles bears and much more…”. There is also sport and comedy both of which interest me personally but it’s a bit like the old pic n’ mix sweet jars those of us of a certain age will remember – put together a few things you like but you can’t have it all! Oh and don’t talk with your mouth full! Although I’m far too young to remember the Victorian adage that children should be seen and not heard I hasten to add!! Maybe that’s my problem!

Among the performers and contributors are broadcasters Jim Naughtie ,
(Dundee’s own)Brian Taylor and Richard Gordon as well as authors Bernard Maclaverty and James Robertson and prize winning poet and Professor of Literature (Dundee’s own) WNHerbert. The winner of the Dundee International Book Prize Nicola White is also making an appearance. My choices? I had hoped to get along to hear Richard Gordon talk about his book on the 1974 World Cup where Scotland qualified and er…how shall I put this…er… England didn’t. And if Billy Bremner hadn’t missed an open goal we’d have beaten Brazil!! History now though and unfortunately I won’t manage.

What I am going to though are an anthology launch and a walking tour. The anthology is one of the work of Joseph Lee the ‘fighter writer’ Dundee’s famous in his lifetime forgotten now poet of World War One. And the walking tour is based on ” Whaleback City” the anthology of City of Discovery poetry edited by WN Herbert and Andy Jackson. Looking forward to it!