I have to – well I don’t but I will – say I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the above named event at the DCA in Dundee yesterday organised by Writer in Residence there Beth McDonough. We performers addressed the audience from the pulpit as it’s known in the DCA but there was no preaching involved and not a Craig nor a Charlie REID in sight! The theme was memory and I read five of my poems. Three of them have previously appeared on this blog but this one hasn’t. It’s set in Dundee in1979.


The Stygian dawn of Thatcher’s children
loomed out of the maw of the South the day
I heard this mighty Clyde built man of then
speak clear again to me upon the Tay,
orator of another riverside
whereon he’d employed with time’s truth and lore
those since ancient trusted Greek arts a tide
against the disciples of greed and more.

Succinctly he voiced a selfless heart’s cause,
heralded hope and sang a plaintive hymn
of working dignity this man of laws,
this denizen of the Communist rim,
this fair fluent fan of one Jesus Christ.
No such fine ships in now’s selfish zeitgeist.