Along with a cavalcade of characters who have lived loved fought and struggled by the Tay over the years both Wallace and the V&A Museum appear in a poem I wrote about Dundee, in Scots called “Whar Desperate Dan’s the Real Mackay.” I posted it on this blog earlier in the year and am due to perform it this Saturday as part of an event called Poetry Proclaimers at the DCA in the heart of the city’s cultural quarter.

Connecting Wallace and the V&A seems slightly bizarre on the face of it but then they are both world famous! Wallace of course strutted his stuff by the same river where the V&A is currently being hatched from the detritus of the old waterfront. As for the cavalcade of fascinating characters I mentioned earlier how long have you got if you know what I mean? Wallace seemingly killing the English Governor’s son and disguising himself as a large woman to escape kind of set the tone. But in the story of Dundee and indeed in my poem you can also find among other things Mary Shelley hatching Frankenstein, Winston Churchill being fed a kipper with a maggot in it and Frank Sinatra singing to a half empty hall! Never a dull moment!

Poetry Proclaimers takes place at the ‘pulpit’ in the DCA Dundee Saturday 4th October from 2pm to 4pm – no preaching though.