Gray House

A Sunday afternoon/evening stroll turned into a little urban exploration, this time in an abandoned in 300 year old mansion. Constructed between 1714 and 1716 as a little country retreat for Lord Gray, the peerage is one of the oldest in Scotland Alexander Gray was created the 1st Lord Gray around 1440.

There has been a few attempts to restore the property but so far none have been completed, as you walk through this building there is still plaster board sheets, pieces of wood and lamps left as if tools have been downed recently although it’s been a couple of years.
Tragically if nothing is done it will probably end up like most historical building in and around Dundee…..confined to memory!

House of Gray, Liff

Above is the first view we had of the mansion, although it’s been a place I’ve wanted to visit for a while this was actually the first time I’d…

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