After decades of existing only in DC Thomsons’ Comics and the popular consciousness of millions of children Bash Street is now for real and official. It’s just off the West Port in Dundee a lane next to a casino. Now there’s a mind boggling thought – the Bash Street Kids at a casino!! My daughter used to work as a croupier in this particular casino as it happens and on a couple of occasions felt the need to call security. If the Bash Street Kids ever got in I think they’d need a whole army of security guards to keep order!!

It doesn’t take long to walk and leads to a Car Park and I guess even for such world famous anarchists it would be kind of difficult to conjure up a huge street from the fabric of a city to name after them. A couple of hundred yards to the East is the DC Thomson headquarters from within the bowels of which the Bash Street Kids were created. But getting a street named after you when you are after all er…. fictional is quite an indication of status I suppose. Though it can lead to confusion. I know that one of my own favourite fictional characters Dashiel Hammett’s PI Sam Spade has a plaque in San Francisco and some people think he actually existed!

And I did meet some of the Bash Street Kids in real life…..as a teacher. Come to think of it in an earlier era I was one of them sometimes…..as a pupil! As was my wife I believe! And lots of people we know. So maybe the Bash Street Kids aren’t nearly as fictional as we think! Their street isn’t now. Here’s to them and to those comics. They’ve contributed quite a lot to human happiness over the years if you ask me!