The over age but appropriately coloured hoodie bearing a remarkable resemblance to yours truly here was attending the Almost Blue Music Festival in Dundee. The traditional and renowned Dundee Blues Bonanza the biggest free Blues Festival in Europe didn’t run in the city this year at the end of June due to a number of reasons. The World Cup, the Commonwealth Games and illness all came into play. But thousands will flood into the city again next year for the return of the Blues Bonanza the organisers have promised!

Almost Blue in recent years had been the festival fringe and this year stepped up to the plate or perhaps I should say mic to fill the temporary gap. And did a pretty good job I reckon. A scaled back hundred gigs and nineteen venues round the heart of the city provided blues music fans with a healthy fix. Usually me and she and friends make Saturday an all day event but this year opted for the quieter Friday as me and she minus friends (temporarily of course) had a babysitting gig with our grandson on the Saturday. And we had an absolute blast both days! On the Friday while moving from one venue to another sampling fine wines and ale and enjoying the music we encountered the Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay for the third time that day as it made its way round Dundee. On the Saturday well…… we are biased but our grandson is awesome! If you are in town next year – pop along. Or better still come and stay the weekend. No baton relay but aside from the music there are plenty of things to see and do!