This award was picked up today by Verdant Works Dundee’s and Scotland’s already award winning five star independent Jute Heritage Museum. Play spotter is a website which exchanges information about places where parents can play with and take their children. So it’s good to know the kind of work we Tour Guides do in Verdant Works Museum is recognised and appreciated. As a former teacher I know how important it is to make kids feel welcome and at ease in the museum and…… maybe they’ll come back when they’re older!
There is a resonance here though. The humungus profits made for a few by Dundee’s Jute Industry were built on the back of female and child labour….. and indeed war. The system of using children as half-timers or halflins (morning in school afternoon in mill or vice-versa) was finally phased out after the First World War although exemptions were allowed into the 1930s. So it’s good that children now come to places like Verdant Works as part of their education and as visitors and don’t have to work on what were called the killing floors like their forebears did as children!