This pic of the Weavers’ Window can be seen outside the main entrance to Ninewells Hospital Dundee the largest Teaching Hospital in Europe with a larger daily population than the town of Forfar. The stained glass panels represent the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee – Bakers, Shoemakers, Glovers, Tailors, Bonnetmakers, Fleshers, Hammermen, Weavers and Dyers. The Weavers’ Craft into which I was recently inducted a propos of my heritage preservation work at Verdant Works Museum has pride of place for me of course. Weavers were also known as Brabeners while Bakers were Baxters Shoemakers Cordiners Glovers Skinners and Dyers Listers.

But although Ninewells treats patients from all over Scotland and there are people from all over the world working there these stained glass windows representing the nine trades at the main entrance cement the idea that this world renowned medical and research institution is so much part of the city of Dundee western outskirts or no western outskirts.

And the reason I was at Ninewells Hospital the other day? A wee man called Riley John Imrie our grandson who arrived safe and well weighing in at 6 pounds and fifteen ounces. Born into the city of his forebears several of whom were eh……weavers! God Bless!