This pic was taken looking from the main bar into the snug of the Trades Bar a beautifully furbished popular city centre hostelry in Dundee. And as I was sitting enjoying a lovely pint of cask ale the other night I found myself peeling back around thirty years. To when the Trades Bar was a……….bank!
And in that very same room which is now a snug I once had an interview with my bank manager to ask for an overdraft. I was turned down of course in the usual mean spirited way. Because I wasn’t an acceptable risk! Now we all know what happened to bankers and the abandoning of the concept of risk. How are the mighty fallen! But at least the room is being put to good use now adding to the sum of human happiness rather than detracting from it!
The Trades Bar is beautifully laid out and the service of food and drink is excellent unlike when it was a bank. Although it is frequently busy it is well staffed behind the bar and you don’t have to wait to be served. The stained glass windows are each dedicated to the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee. These are Bakers Cordiners Glovers Tailors Bonnet Makers Fleshers Hammermen Weavers and Dyers. And because of the work I’ve been doing in the field of Jute Heritage at the city’s Verdant Works Museum I’ve been invited to become an honorary member of the Weavers’ Craft. I wonder if I’d have got an overdraft if I’d been able to weave (sorry wave) that in front of the bank manager? Cheers!