This is not a selfie – it’s an ‘other halfie’. I took a selfie but the results were not exactly easy on the eye so I asked herself to take this to go with an article I’d been asked to write by SCIAF. And although everyone’s allegedly at it I haven’t noticed a lot of selfies as I’ve been walking round Dundee recently. Dundonians can be thrawn sometimes – if that’s the way the world’s going just now I’ll head in the opposite direction thank you very much. Which is a good thing if you ask me though as usual nobody has and I guess some of the beautiful people might beg to differ.

If I were the city though and had to take a selfie of myself I’d actually have a hard time choosing. One City Many Discoveries is an excellent slogan I reckon. Would I go for the littoral view from Fife on the South Side of the river or the panoramic surround view from the Law Hill or the historic Old Steeple in the heart of the city or one of the five Castles within the city boundary? I don’t know. If pushed it would probably be from the top of the Law Hill or Hill Hill as we call it. See what I mean about being thrawn. One thing’s for sure though – whatever I chose it would be way easier on the eye than this here selfie.

I mentioned SCIAF who work in the field of global justice. The name is an acronym – standing for Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund. I think SELFIE’s probably an acronym too. It stands for Silly Exercises Leaving Foolish Individuals Excited! Best stick to ‘other halfies’. As to whether that’s an acronym maybe best not go there!