One of the idiosyncratically Dundonian things about the Tay Road Bridge seen here (OK I know it belongs to Fife as well) is that it’s downhill going north. True I never graduated from Cub to Scout when younger – I was much too taken with impressing those graduating from Brownies to Guides at the same time – so I’m kind of challenged in the orienteering/survival skills department! But I’ve always associated north with up and down with south. And the Tay Road Bridge defies this stereotype because of the slope as you cross from the Fife side into Dundee. Driving across you don’t notice but walking it regularly as I do, you feel it.

I was probably a tad harsh on the Tay Rail Bridge’s younger less attractive sister the other day in a previous post so I’ll issue a qualified apology – the sort of thing politicians give when they’ve been caught out but still figure they can get away with it. It’s a vital artery offers some cracking views of sunrises and sunsets and different hues and skies. And the bonus in recent years has been no more pesky tolls! And if you live in North Fife it gets you into the heart of Scotland’s fourth city in the blink of an eye. Most of Dundee is actually further away from the city centre than places like Newport Tayport and Wormit on the South side of the river! As either Peter Cook or Dudley Moore used to say – “Not many people know that!”.

There is of course some ( mostly) good matured rivalry between the ‘People’s Republic’ as Dundee is known and ‘The Kingdom’ as Fife is called. The response to this of an old school friend from Dundee but with family in Fife was that the Tay Road Bridge is the only time Fife’s ever looked down on Dundee. But basically you could say Dundee and Fife are ‘friends through drink’ and they call it the Tay!