The figure emerging from the mist in this pic is pretty recognisable I think. He was MP for Dundee from 1908 until 1922. At which point the citizenry decided to send him homewards to think again. They elected instead a Prohibitionist Neddy Scrymgeour.This was strange considering the copious amounts of alcohol the record shows they were consuming at the time. But they had their issues with Churchill. Here’s my poem about it : –


Before he bestrode the world like a colossus
or was that some Julius Caesar before him,
he’d come over Hadrian’s Wall and met Dundee
where mobile was an adjective not a noun.

Honourable member for the radical town
or if you prefer semi-oxymoronic
Tory Liberal maverick personified
zones of zeniths no nadirs in his view no doubt.

But one lurked by McGonagall’s Silvery Tay
in homage to whom it behoves me to say
from out on left field it came Churchill’s way
and fermented a vintage case of irony.

For the Irish diaspora there met and fused
with some sometime suffragettes par excellence
to defeat a man who’d despatched the Black and Tans
and ordained that women should look to their men first.

O Machiavelli O Machiavelli,
let us now take a leaf from your book if we must.
Working class hero or a man who’d crossed the floor?
Sure anybody bar Churchill gets our votes.

Cometh the hour cometh a town’s pied piper.
Ned Scrymgeour his name prohibition no game,
from city hall he brought the temperance toga.
No toom tabard though more a man of the people.

Hence ex-suffragettes and Irish men of jute
supped long and deeply on that dish best eaten cold.
Abstinence abstained when temperance triumphed here
with others’ great man as the casus belli now.

WC without a seat they jeered and cheered,
and sent Scrymgeour to Westminster with a smile.
Thence to the taverns to toast prohibition.
Those Fenian lions with Communist teeth he rued.