Just ahead of where this pic was taken in Glencoe is the turn off for Glen Etive. Which is where scenes from the Bond movie “Skyfall” were shot and I’m sure you can see why. Skyfall as you may recollect if you’ve seen the movie was James Bond’s ancestral pile in Scotland and the bolt hole he made for before taking on and taking out the bad guys. Except that the building was apparently constructed and most of the movie shot in a studio in Surrey. Sorry to spoil the illusion folks but Daniel Craig Judy Dench and co only spent a couple of days on location in the drop dead beautiful surroundings of Glencoe. Still when you’re talking JB two days is two days more than no days!

And I’ve recently been enjoying the sharp witty portrayal of Ian Fleming in the Sky Atlantic drama ” Fleming”. So I did a spot of googling as you do to try and get a feel for the fact/fiction interface so to speak. I was vaguely aware of Bond’s creator having a connection to Dundee but wanted to beef up on detail. It turns out that Ian Fleming’s grandfather Robert Fleming was born in Dundee in 1845 the son of a shopkeeper. From those humble beginnings he rose to the top in the world of finance and founded the eponymous merchant bank Robert Fleming. But he never forgot Dundee and invested money back in the city. Some of it went to help found the University of Dundee and some was invested in quality housing for the citizens. If you know the Clepington Road area of the city you’ll know the Fleming Gardens housing estate which is named after Robert Fleming and where there is a plaque bearing his name.

So I don’t think it’s a quantum leap or should I say quantum of solace(!!!) to reckon that the endowment of Bond with a Scots ancestral pile called Skyfall had its origins in er…….Dundee.