“The time has come the walrus said
to talk of many things
of shoes and ships and sealing wax
and cabbages and kings.”
It’s Lewis Carroll as in Alice in Wonderland and all that just in case you were er…….wondering. And I was thinking of shoes and ships the other day as I gave the shoe leather a serious work out walking round Dundee City of Discovery and ended up by another famous ship berthed in the city – the Frigate Unicorn. At almost two centuries old the Unicorn is no myth. She sits quietly in Dundee as another of the city’s hidden gems or dare I say it – discoveries! She’s one of the oldest ships still afloat a reminder of the days of sail and an excellent visitor attraction when you’re in town.

For a while there was talk of her being re berthed next to Discovery as part of the Waterfront redevelopment – but the V&A has been awarded that gig and the future of the Unicorn is now seen as being where it is down river at City Quay but in dry dock. The plan I gather is to have a maritime trail linking Unicorn with Discovery and other aspects of Dundee’s rich maritime past. I’d be happy to burn up some more shoe leather on that one!

But before that comes to pass there’s plenty happening on board. Apart from the layers of maritime and seafaring heritage within the Unicorn is a jazz and folk music venue and hosts weddings and private functions. Go on – google her and step aboard the quarter deck. Trust me – it’s worth the shoe leather!