I made a mistake last night but not nearly as big as that made by a smooth BBC announcer on prime time TV. Rounding up the sports results he informed millions that Dundee FC were through to the next round of the Scottish Cup. This came as an excellent surprise to supporters of the club since as far as they were aware their team had been put out in the previous round! A late reprieve? Some obscure rule infringement by opponents? No the announcer in London didn’t appear to know the difference between Dundee FC and Dundee United FC the city’s two professional football teams. My mistake was of course to assume that he did as part of his job. Silly me.

Because it was in fact Dundee United FC who had gone through to the next round of the cup. They’re pictured above in tangerine whereas Dundee FC play in dark blue. And the other unusual thing about Dundee’s two teams is their grounds are in the same street though technically with different names – Tannadice Street and Sandeman Street are continuations of the same street and literally yards apart. Maybe that’s why the guy got confused having looked it up on Google Maps or something. Really though there’s no excuse as far as we who live by the Tay are concerned. They’re in the record books as being the two closest professional football teams in Britain. The man should have done his homework though. He came over smug.

Now I won’t bore on about football here. Rather I’ll offer the announcer some famous words of Rabbie Burns : –
“O wad some power the gift tae gie us
Tae see oorselves as ithers see us.”
Rabbie by the way has a huge statue in his honour in the city’s Albert Square having visited here in the late 18th Century and set female hearts a flutter apparently. Dundee and Dundee United weren’t around at the time. But I’m pretty sure if they had’ve been he ‘d have known the difference.