So I’m sitting in a coffee shop overlooking the Silver River this morning and I need to go and visit the rest room as our friends from across the pond euphemistically call it. Now when I’m out with herself and leave her to go to the gents bizarre things have a habit of happening. Such as meeting the Zambian Ambassador to Italy in an Irish bar in Rome or being asked to give marriage guidance counselling to two Frenchwomen in a Dundee pub during Christmas Light Night. But on this occasion being solo I figure it’s safe so in I go.

Only to find this particular toilet is twinned with a toilet in Cambodia. Now I’ve heard of twin towns but never twin toilets. Though judging by the photo of the Cambodian toilet we’re not talking identical twins here. It actually reminded me of the movie “Twins” where Arnie Schwarzenegger and Danny de Vito played the er………twins. It looked to be a similar gulf with the Scottish toilet and the Cambodian one. And while I’m not entirely clear as to the purposes of twinning toilets if it adds to the greater good why not? We shouldn’t flush away (ouch) ideas like that I reckon.

Dundee has seven twin towns round the world – Alexandria Virginia in the USA, Chesterfield in England. Dubai in the UAE, Nablus in the West Bank, Orleans in France, Wurzburg in Germany and Zadar in Croatia. Whether any of the toilets in these places are subsumed into the twinning arrangements as part of a package deal I don’t know. Memo to self – find out about toilet twinning.

The twinning arrangement which takes the packet of biscuits though is the one between Dull in Scotland and the much larger Boring in the US. Sounds like we’re back to Schwarzenegger and de Vito again! Do these towns’ toilets match up I wonder? As for the fine toilet pictured above that’s located chez Quinn just above the Silver River. It’s not twinned with anyone or anything at present but the householders are always open to constructive suggestions.