This pic of the Tay and the Rail Bridge taken from the Law Hill in Dundee always soothes my soul. And it needed a spot of soothing recently when I encountered the phenomenon known as a Chelsea Tractor Driver within plain sight of the Bridge. So I wrote me a poem. Here it is. It’s called “Chelsea Tractor Affair”.

She was pale and petite
but out of a dark behemoth
I wondered about symbiosis
in relationships

Can you put air in my tyres she said
I don’t work here I said
I thought you were a mechanic she said
I said nothing though I was still in the game

Are you sure you’re not a mechanic she said
He’s behind you I said
and thought on Animal Farm
and pigs and lipstick

I’m just a guy in a beanie hat I said
Been called many things
but never a mechanic
Though I have a jalopy waiting