Like the Apostles the Days of Christmas and the Dirty Dozen whom Hollywood famously rounded up to make a movie there are twelve of us. Dundees that is. The American States of Florida Michigan New York and Ohio have one. As do Ontario in Canada and Nova Scotia. South Africa and Jamaica have one each and Australia has er……three if you count Crocodile Dundee. The other two are in New South Wales and Northern Territory and the photo of I think the former comes courtesy of a lovely lady writer called Noelle Clark a good buddy of my better half. If I’ve got the two Australian Dundees mixed up I’ll happily stand corrected by Noelle. Arguing with a woman a writer and an Australian is not often advised and as for three in one best not even think about it!

But the Dundee diaspora has a long reach and as a son of the original I take imitation as the sincerest form of flattery. And I get that modifications to an original are sometimes desirable. Sunshine in Australia Florida or South Africa might be a welcome alternative to Scots rain. We are officially the sunniest city in Scotland here but then as Billy Connolly said, “In Scotland there are two seasons – June and Winter!” The closest me and she have come to visiting one of our sunnier sibling Dundees was in Florida some years ago. We got lost on the “twenty minute journey to your motel” and spent several hours rattling up and down the Interstate the Freeway the Beltway the Parkway and the dirt road etc. Saw Dundee on the map but didn’t have time to pay a visit as we were having a domestic over what is known as the interface between driving and navigation and a missed exit. Free and frank views and opinions exchanged we got there in the end.

And opinions are another thing of which we have dozens in Dundee. It was once known as the Radical Town. A concept I’m guessing the founders of the other ten took with them to the ends of the Earth and put down permanent reminders. Now if you’ve just done the maths you’ll note the dozen is one short. Of course it’s one of our Australian friends Miick aka Crocodile Dundee. His credentials for being included are admittedly dodgy at first glance. But then a man who wrestles crocodiles is pretty radical really. The sort of guy we take to our hearts and welcome to the family. To Dundees everywhere – “Lang micht yir lums reek!” Literally this means I hope your chimneys smell for many years. As to how and why this translates to “We wish you good health!” pass – but it does. Here’s to the dozen!