Trams are trending. I don’t think there’s much doubt about that. The rails in the picture are the last remaining Dundonian ones in Dundee’s Murraygate that I mentioned the other day. Pining for the tram a few yards away that er……… now sells stovies. And coffee and sandwiches. As you do. Now the Dundee Museum of Transport has taken delivery of the earliest Dundee tram still in existence. Which had been in a garden in Perth playing the role of a summer house for around a century! It was horse drawn and went out of service around the time motorised transport came in.

The Museum is going to restore the tram although having it ready for their official opening later this year might be what football pundits call a “big ask”. As for football pundits don’t get me started. Or rather I’ll stop now. Except to say most I start listening to are off the rails and clueless never mind tramless. Whereas these rails in the pic used to know exactly where they were going – right past the La Scala. Not the world famous Opera House in Milan though but a picture house in Dundee. Where my aunty formerly a weaver in Cox’s Jute Mill the largest in the world at one point, used to work as an usherette and would sometimes get us free tickets.

The Art Deco frontage like the rails is still there in Murraygate. And when I think of a tram gliding elegantly along on those rails and pulling up outside the La Scala I can’t help feeling we lost so much when we were so ready in the past to er……. destroy the present so that it couldn’t become the past in the future. If you know what I mean. Fortunately we now take heritage seriously as a society. Hence the magnificent efforts of the Dundee Transport Museum and thousands like them. Good luck to them. One fantasy which I can share publicly though is learning to drive a tram. I’m the grandson of a train driver after all. A steam train begad. So maybe there’s something in the blood. And I hear there are openings for tram drivers in Edinburgh!