My gast is flabbered to have been given the above award. Since Primary One when I punched the boy on my left and kissed the girl on my right in a Dundee school which shall remain nameless and
got two awards back to back not a lot of other honours have come my way. So I now have to do an A to Z of er………me! Don’t worry – I’ll skip some letters due to what Basil Fawlty called ‘the bleeding obvious’.

A is for amenable. A word I avoid. It’s B boring.
C is for Celtic. As in my Celtic Warrior Princess/better half.
D has to be Dundee – the one city with many Discoveries and E is ‘Eh’ our word for I!
F of course is for the new word I tried on my mother as a kid and had a bar of soap rammed in my mouth for expanding my vocabulary!

G stands for goals. I’m still playing indoor football at a ridiculous age and sometimes manage to score goals. Also let them in too and truth to tell have an overdraft with the ‘lads’ average age you need a calculator!
H is for the Scots word Hochmagandie. There is a fair amount of it tasteful and contextual of course in my wife’s Historical Romance novels!
I is me and me is I. But J is me too and Me is M is J! Get it? Got it? Good! Oh and L for love is all you need! K got deleted!

N is for name as in my Irish one. O is the Oh as in Oh My God. I have an Oh My God moment every time I look out my window at the River Tay. Ps and Qs I don’t mind as much as I used to when a Teacher. R is for Rome. Brilliant time there last year for my ‘new fortieth’ birthday. S is the song tone deaf me never sang. T I prefer to coffee. Some say coffee drinkers are bigger posers!

UVWXYZ could all be found in the name of a character in my favourite Superman comics as a kid. His name was either Mr Mxytlypltz or Muxytzylp or something similar. Certainly something. Aren’t we all? So thanks dear reader if you still are and having displayed the logo and done the A-Z I now fulfil the remaining rules by linking back to the person who nominated me


and I pass the award onto the following  Andy Jackson and Incy Black : –




Pip! Pip!