The Tay Bridge Disaster Memorial has just been unveiled on the 134th Anniversary of the 1879 Disaster. And the view from our study window in this photo (North end of the Bridge) is where there was a stunning fireworks display last night to mark the unveiling. I took some pics of course but there are plenty of excellent professional ones available which convey the occasion so I’ll keep mine off the radar.I’ll also let the words of others speak for a change. The inscription on the Memorial to the 59 ‘known to have died’ when the Bridge collapsed and the train plunged into the river reads as follows: –

‘Deep waters cannot douse
The enduring flame
That burned for those thus blighted
Now let them stand as one
Properly remembered
And in part righted’

Until now memories have been er….,.,blighted by McGonagall’s poem on the disaster which arguably gave us his best and most famous line – the Silvery Tay. If you live by the river it certainly seems this was the one time WT got it right. The Tay is a particularly silver coloured river. But the victims of the Disaster deserved more I think and now the record had been put straight.