If this tree which fell during the Christmas Day storms and blocked the road had fallen a few yards to the East it might well have reduced my car in size. Fortunately it didn’t and all of us at Quinn Towers fight on in the good fight whatever that may be. But after breathing a hearty sigh of relief I began thinking about ‘what ifs’ in general and Dundee ones in particular. This is a game which can be a lot of fun because nobody has definite answers. Argument and debate guaranteed.

Here are some of my favourite ‘what ifs’ of my native city in chronological order : –
1. What if William Wallace hadn’t taken down the son of the English Governor of the City in the late 13th Century?
2. What if the defenders of the City hadn’t refused to surrender to Genetal Monck in 1651 and demanded his surrender instead?
3. What if McGonagall hadn’t gone round trying to bring culture to
the masses?
4. What if William Bury (yes Bury) the last man hanged in the City in 1889 really was Jack the Ripper?
5. What if we hadn’t thrown Winston Churchill out as ‘WC without a seat’?

And so on. Imagining scenarios involving real people. Then there’s the other way round where fiction has become reality so to speak. A while ago Ireland instituted Molly Malone Day in memory of the character from the song. The Molly Malone destined to roam the streets of Dublin trying to interest people in purchasing her cockles and mussels. They’ve built a statue in Dublin and with typical Irish insouciance designated I understand 6th June. Also known as er…….. D Day!

So if Dublin can have Molly Malone Day why can’t Dundee have Desperate Dan Day? We already have a statue just beyond City Square at the South End of Reform Street. Where he’s forever in mid stride in search of a large helping of cow pie! Indeed it’s now part of Graduation Days in Dundee where people pour out of the Caird Hall clutching their Degrees dash across City Square and get photographed with DD! Primary School children after their first day at school and tourists and visitors to the city ate all getting in on the act!

So come on everybody – let’s have an Official Desperate Dan Day. We could have bands parades street theatre etc. Raise money for Charity while we were at it.And I wouldn’t have to shave since Dan traditionally had several days stubble. As a date I’d suggest making it a moveable feast……. just like cow pie!