We’ll get to Rabbie in a minute. He’s actually hiding just below this photo for now. It’s a pic of The McManus Galleries Dundee’s Gothic Revival Style Museum and Art Galleries. In Albert Square Dundee. Only Albert Square isn’t er………. actually………er……….quite ………er………..square. The McManus is named after Maurice McManus the former Lord Provost of the city by the way not Mick McManus the former wrestler.

Albert Square Dundee is much more interesting than Albert Square East Enders I think. It’s real for a start. A real square is never square so to speak. Apart from a Wealth of Art Culture and History in the McManus there’s Rabbie a Spanish Civil War Memorial Queen Victoria and James Carmichael who invented or pioneered or championed Reverse Gear. Whatever. Doesn’t matter.And the Chamber of Commerce is leaning though is hopefully not too likely to fall down soon as far as we know. The er……square was built on former swamp land apparently. There are other things too but I’d like to finish before Christmas so will leave them for now. Apart from one.

Rabbie Burns visited Dundee in the late 18th Century and not entirely surprisingly set female hearts a flutter among the Dundee women of the day. Treated like a Rock God would be today. Whether he left any descendants in Dundee isn’t known but it’s not impossible I reckon. And the Burns ‘movement’ is strong in the city! One City Many Discoveries is one slogan the PR gurus got absolutely spot on I think!