Met him last night. I’m on my waythrough the Wellgate Shopping Mall in Dundee when I see a guy at a stall selling not furry animals but wickerwork ones – squirrels and rabbits and the like. And as I go past he says something in my damaged ear though I guess lots of ears are being damaged right now with zillions of renderings of Jingle Bloody Bells!

I ignore him as these things do not repeat do not float my boat. But then the curve ball – he comes running after me. Abandons his stall briefly and says my name. Spooky. And I notice the felt hat with the leather overlay a bit like something Goofy used to wear. This is turning into a paranormal experience. He repeats my name but then hesitates as if he might be mistaken. But he’s not and I eventually recognise him when he takes off his hat.

It was a guy I used to Teach with in Perth – that’s one of the schools not HM Prison Perth by the way! He was a Science Teacher so in terms of re-careering this is a step of Neil Armstrong proportions. My own from English Teacher to Tour Guide and ‘Writer’ is by comparison a fairy footstep! Old Teachers never die they just lose their classes!

He was happy. Doing decent business he said. And nothing like the consumer resistance you sometimes encounter in education! So having met the Girl with the Green Felt Hat I’d met the Man with the Cream Felt Hat within the space of twenty-four hours. And the man with the Red one K. Kringle esquire is waiting in the wings. All part of the rich Tapestry by the Tay.

As is the Magazine Launch to which I was heading last night – Dundee Writes 6. Including my poem in Scots – ‘Mither Naitur’