The beer in the photo is known as ‘Lia Fail’ which is Gaelic for Stone of Destiny. It’s a fine Cask Ale which I’ve sampled in several locations including The Clachaig Inn Glencoe.

Recently in the interests of multi-culturalism you understand I sampled some Lia Fail before attending a Spanish Class end of term party.Spanish as well as English French and Scots is often helpful to a Museum Tour Guide. Outside those the only other languages I have are Bad Language and some basic Sign Language which I find useful when driving! I really enjoy the Spanish Class. Nuestra profesora (our teacher) is a very knowledgeable enthusiastic Mexican lady from Monterrey. Married to a Scot. Just become a grandmother. Muy simpatico!

The difficult thing for me though is that she told us her age in Spanish. Of course I’d never reveal a lady’s age. Now me – tengo sesentayuno anos! Which means when I last studied Spanish at school my Teacher was a baby! So I’ve been around a long time. And for some odd reason since I started studying Spanish again we’ve had a lot of French visitors! Though the last two Spanish visitors were highly amused when I described Dundee mill girls as ‘mujeres con cojones’! A metaphorical translation of course!

As for Lia Fail it’s about the only Gaelic I know since I was brought up speaking the other language native to Scotland – Scots. Two languages isn’t bad for a small country though – I gather South Africa has more than a dozen! If you’re ever in Dundee or any part of Scotland do come and visit us at Scotland’s Jute Museum Verdant Works. Love to see you and yours whatever languages you speak or don’t speak! Buena Suerte! Bonne Chance! Lang micht yir lum reek!