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The man in the photo is an out of work Portuguese actor and was performing some street theatre in Dundee the other day. He appeared to be standing on thin air. And the air in Scotland in December is pretty thin! As Billy Connolly said , ‘In Scotland we have two seasons – June and Winter!’ And sometimes we don’t bother with June! It’s said that the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall because we Scots were too much damn trouble – but I reckon it was also that those from warmer climes didn’t fancy our weather!

I threw a few coins in the man’s hat – nothing to do with the big stick his female companion was carrying – and got in out of the cold past a German hot food stall. Okay I did stop to partake of some hot food. Just a couple of helpings that is my appetite being of the ‘hollow legs’ variety! Spent a bit more time watching the actors on the street! If you watch people at all you’ll know that in addition to professionals like the Portuguese guy there are some very good amateurs doing the rounds. Like the two Still Game types I described in a previous post. Who got the R&A and the V&A mixed up. Or the lady who randomly told me I looked like a mechanic! But hey – it’s all part of the rich tapestry by the Tay.

As is the man with an owl in one hand and a mobile phone in the other who in warmer not that you’d notice weather earlier in the year was seated a few yards South of where the man in the photo floated. West of Despetate Dan’s statue. They would have formed one Hell of a triangle if they’d all been there at once. But if Sliding Doors moments came together they wouldn’t be Sliding Doors moments I suppose!

I don’t have a photo of the man with the owl but I did write a poem about him – and I’ll put in the next post.