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So in this line up with Brando are Grace Kelly, Sinatra, John Lennon, US Grant, William Wallace and Queen Victoria. And more. But Brando’s the odd one out as he’s never been to Dundee and the River Tay. Though what he’d have made of our present waterfront as opposed to the one he made a movie about – pass! Something  of a cross between Wacky Races and Spaghetti junction surrounded by people in hard hats and luminous jackets. Telling you that today you can’t cross that road you crossed yesterday. And tomorrow ‘ll be different again.

The Dundee Waterfront’s one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Scotland. Let’s hope it doesn’t go down ‘ the primrose path to dalliance’ like the Edinburgh trams! And the jewel in its crown of course is to be the V&A Museum projected to open 2015/16. Educating children. Bringing tourists and jobs. People to the city and the city to the river. Which us where it was in the er….. first place. Cue Monty Python. For ‘I’m a Chartered Accountant here to tell you why Chartered Accountancy isn’t boring read ‘I’m a Town Planner here to tell you why Town Planning doesn’t suck!’

It’s pain now for gain later and I really think the people overseeing the Waterfront project are doing an extremely complex job rather well. The complexities are actually lost on most of us though. To wit.

Recently I was on a bus crossing the Tay Bridge. Behind me are two doppelgangers for Stadler and Waldorf in the Muppets and I overhear the following exchange in Scots. Here translated into English.

First guy surveying the Waterfront : – ‘It’ll be great when the R&A comes.’

Second guy : – ‘Don’t you mean the V&A?’

First guy : – ‘ Whatever.’

Good job C&A is no more. That would really have confused things. Apart from the don’t bother me with details thing that’s classic Dundee insouciance for you!

Wherever you are or whoever you are watch this space. For the V&A. The World famous Museum of Art and design. At Dundee. On the Waterfront.